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4 min readMay 5, 2022

Good release day, Kingdom!

The time has finally come! Thousands of Serendale Heroes streamed across the waters on a Perilous Journey to discover the harsh and beautiful land of Crystalvale. Some returned, others did not. But their sacrifices were not in vain. Now the way has opened for all Heroes to make that journey themselves. And with the increased power flowing into the snowy tundra, Magnar has awoken along with the Portal he guards. Soon, a new set of Heroes will step forth and spread across the land. — Beetle Dude


The Portal has opened and Magnar has finally awoken to assist in the summoning ritual. A whole new set of Heroes will be entering the realm and joining their compatriots in glory. On first visit, view the spectacular animatic of the Portal opening for the first time!

Portal in Crystalvale

Arch Druid

  • Summon a new Hero with the assistance of 2 Heroes that you own or 1 owned Hero and 1 hired Hero


  • Open your airdropped or summoned Hero crystals!

Read HERE for a complete guide on hero summoning in Crystalvale!


More Heroes means more food and more booze! The Tavern is a bustling hub of activity now where you can view, buy, sell, and rent out your Heroes.

Tavern in Crystalvale


  • View Hero Catalog of all Heroes summoned in Crystalvale
  • View a specific Crystalvale Hero by ID
  • Send a Hero to a friend, relative, or shady person you met in the #security-basics channel

NFT Agent

  • Buy Heroes fresh out of the Portal
  • Sell your Heroes for a pile of Crystal
  • List your Heroes to be used in the summoning ritual

Hero Bridging

The Perilous Journey opened up the waterways for all Heroes to begin their own journeys back and forth across the sea (it’s a lot less perilous than before). This is the first step in making DFK truly cross-chain and we’re beyond excited for the opportunity this opens up!

  • Head to the Docks and speak to the Dockmaster
  • Select Bridge Heroes / Tears
  • Select the Hero you want to bridge and send them across the sea

For a detailed guide on bridging heroes from Serendale to Crystalvale please have a read HERE!

Tears Bridging

There’s not a lot of leg room on the boat because of all the crates of Gaia’s Tears that are making the journey, as well. Get your tears on that boat and start summoning in Crystalvale (and back)!

  • Head to the Docks and speak to the Dockmaster
  • Select Bridge Heroes / Tears
  • Enter the number of Tears you want to transfer and send! Sorry for the cramped quarters, Heroes

Gen0 Heroes

We’re excited to announce that we’ve airdropped over 400 Gen0 Hero crystals to their respective winners tonight. If that’s you, head to the Portal and open that crystal! And may the odds be ever in your favor.

New Heroes

On the topic of Heroes, we have two brand new classes: the Berserker and the Seer, along with new appendages and hair styles. Keep your eye out for rare combinations and the mystery advanced class! Just be careful, they’re not always what they seem…

Gaia’s Tears Summoning Bonuses

The Arch Druid has been hard at work tweaking the Portal to ensure that higher level Heroes can harness their powers properly using Gaia’s Tears. When Tears are added for Heroes over level 5, they will now properly enhance the summoning ritual and provide a boost to the summoned Hero. For those that added Tears during previous summons, you will receive a Greater Atonement Crystal for every 10 bonus Gaia’s Tears that were used. Previously, we had said that we would retroactively provide the summoning bonus to Heroes that were affected. As time moved on, the difficulty of such a task grew as players summoned more and more. The Greater Atonement Crystal airdrop is our way of providing a greater or equivalent bonus to what is currently possible with the Heroes that exist.

  • The Atonement Crystals will be airdropped to the player that did the summoning, regardless of who owns the summoners now.
  • The Greater Atonement Crystal grants the effect of having summoned with two random level 15 heroes and having paid maximum tears.
  • Only one Greater Atonement Crystal can ever be applied to a given hero.

Thanks as always for your continued support. The future for DFK is bright and we look forward to bringing you even more amazing new features! As always, godspeed and good questing! Oh, and May the Fourth be with you (or the Fifth, no judgement)!

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