Hero Summoning in Crystalvale

Good news, adventurers! Magnar reawakens and Heroes are making their way from the Inner Grove into Vithraven!

Follow the steps below to bridge Gaia’s Tears and summon new Heroes in Crystalvale.

  1. First, if you do not have at least one Hero in Crystalvale already, follow our guide to bridging Heroes from Serendale.
  2. Visit Dockmaster Maria at the Serendale Docks, and select “Bridge Heroes/Tears.” Alternately, select “Bridge Heroes/Tears” from the Menu Bar.
Dockmaster Maria (Serendale Docks)

3. Select the “Bridge Gaia’s Tears” tab and enter the quantity of Gaia’s Tears that you would like to send.

Input the quantity and click “Approve Bridge”

4. Click “Approve Bridge” and then sign the transaction with your wallet.

5. Click “Bridge to Crystalvale” and then sign the transaction with your wallet.

Bridge to Crystalvale

6. Once you have bridged your Tears, you can return to the Docks and click on “Travel to Crystalvale.” This will prompt you to switch to the DFK Chain network, and set up your wallet for it if you haven’t already.

7. To put these Tears to use and summon new Heroes in Crystalvale, visit Arch Druid Zagreb at the Portal, and select “Infuse Crystal.”

Arch Druid Zagreb (Crystalvale Portal)

8. The Summoning process is the same as in Serendale. Select two of your Heroes, or one of your own and hire a second Hero from the Tavern. Keep in mind that summoning costs in Crystalvale are paid in CRYSTAL, not JEWEL. You will need to sign multiple transactions to approve the spending of CRYSTAL, Gaia’s Tears, and the creation of the Infused Crystal.

Select the Heroes you want to summon with.

9. Once you have an Infused Crystal, visit Summoner Amba at the Portal and click to open the Crystal, then sign the transaction.

An Infused Crystal will appear with Summoner Amba.

10. Your new Hero will appear in the Summoning Portal. Congratulations!

11. If you’d like to bridge your new Hero or your Gaia’s Tears back to Serendale, you can visit Veigar Wavestrider at the Crystalvale Docks, and select “Bridge Heroes, ” or follow our guide to Hero bridging.



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