The Tavern: Buy, Sell and Rent Out Heroes

DeFi Kingdoms
2 min readNov 1, 2021


The Tavern (also known as ‘the Scarlet Hearth’) plays a crucial role in DeFi Kingdoms. Players can primarily buy, sell and rent out Heroes in the Tavern.

Players can transfer their Heroes to others using the ‘Barkeep’. You can only send Heroes to wallet addresses that have created a profile on DeFi Kingdoms, which helps provide some extra security.

You can also view any Hero card by entering the Hero ID.

View any Hero by entering the Hero ID.

Heroes can use be bought, sold and rented out via the ‘Agent’. To sell a Hero, you input the number of JEWEL tokens that you will list it for.

Please note: You cannot see any of your own listed Heroes in the ‘Buy Heroes’ marketplace interface.

When you purchase, the appropriate number of JEWEL tokens will be taken from your account. You will then be able to view the Hero in your collection (by clicking your Avatar > ‘View Heroes’), or just via the Tavern.

Maybe this Thief will be perfect for foraging? Or perhaps a Knight for thrilling dungeon raids?

Rented Heroes can be hired for summoning, allowing players to pick out the perfect Hero to summon together with. You do not lose ownership of a Hero when you rent it out for hire, but your Hero’s summoning fees (in JEWEL tokens) will still increase every time it is hired.

The marketplace interface for purchasing and hiring Heroes.

You can currently sort Heroes by the following categories:

  • Price
  • Gen
  • Rarity
  • Level
  • ID

There will be a fixed 3.75% fee on all transactions in the Tavern. When a Hero is purchased or hired, this fee will be taken from the seller (meaning the buyer does not need to pay extra).



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