Summoning Your Heroes: Introducing Different Generations

DeFi Kingdoms
3 min readOct 10, 2021


You have waited. And now, we have delivered.

Summoning is an extremely interesting and crucial gameplay mechanic in DeFi Kingdoms. With countless combinations and Heroes, the possibilities are endless.

Before we start, if you still are unsure how exactly Heroes work, we highly recommend checking out this previous article that breaks down everything:

Arch Druid: Infusing a Summoning Crystal

The Arch Druid is where you begin the hero summoning process. There, you can choose two Heroes that you own to summon together with.

Summoning user interface when combining two Heroes together.

You cannot summon a new Hero with two Heroes that are ‘related’. For example, if #13 was used to summon #260 (offspring), then you cannot use them together for summoning since they are related. We will add a feature to easily see the lineage of your Heroes later.

You initially require two Heroes to summon with and 20 Gaia’s tears in total — 10 tears per hero. For every 5 levels a summoning hero has reached, you increase the tear cost by 10 to provide bonuses to the summoned hero to apply onto the summoned hero’s stats: primary and secondary stat growth.

There will also be a summoning fee in JEWEL for each Hero, which increases by +4 JEWEL after every summon.

After you press ‘Begin Summon’ and confirm the transition, you will be given a Hero crystal to use in the Portal. You must open any crystals within 5 minutes of infusing them; otherwise, they will expire and you need to spend a fee of 18 JEWEL to recharge them.

Keep in mind that the new Hero’s Gen will be based on whichever Hero used to summon is more ‘recent’. If you summon with a Gen 0 and a Gen 3, the summoned Hero will be a Gen 4.

The Portal: Summoning Your New Hero

You can open your infused crystal in the Portal. After a few dramatic moments, you will be able to see your new beautiful summoned Hero!

The new Hero’s genes (both stat and profession) will be based on the two Heroes you summoned with. However, there is a chance that your Hero(es) may have a recessive gene.

For example, you summon with two Gen 0 Warrior Heroes. It is highly likely that you will get a Gen 1 Warrior, but you may end up with another class entirely (e.g. Monk). This means that a recessive gene was activated, and the same logic applies to professions.

You will not be able to use any newly summoned Hero for summoning until 24 hours has passed.

The Tavern: NFT Marketplace Coming Soon

The Tavern is the NFT marketplace where you can purchase, sell and rent out Heroes in DeFi Kingdoms. This feature will be released soon as we are polishing a new Heroes API to power the tavern.

Many of you have noticed that some new classes have popped up! We are not going to mention them here, for now, to add to the mystery…

Wait! Is that a Ninja? Or maybe a Dark Knight? Nevermind…

As of writing this article, an additional 40 tears were airdropped to each Gen 0 owner for every Gen 0 owned earlier today. So having 3 Gen 0s would have given you 120 tears, for example.

Some new quests for Heroes to earn XP and items will be implemented after the Tavern goes live. Trust us, this will be fun.



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