Patch Notes Update — March 2, 2022

Release day has finally arrived! We appreciate your patience as we finalized work on some exciting new features.

Dockmaster Maria at the Docks

First and foremost, we’re excited to announce the impending start of the Perilous Journey. You may have noticed an increase in hustle and bustle at the docks and in the tavern as Heroes far and wide prepare to make the fateful journey across the sea in search of new lands. The expedition may be treacherous but the half-whispered tales of untold riches entice the most courageous Heroes of Serendale to brave the journey into the unknown.

Registration begins today, March 2nd, and continues through March 7th at 2pm EST. Take the time to review each Hero’s chances for survival as well as their rewards for surviving or their life insurance payout if they die on the journey. Fair warning: any hero that dies will be burned permanently, so make sure you understand the consequences and say your goodbyes before signing them up. Once the transaction is approved to sign up your hero, there’s no turning back.

You can send a total of 6 Heroes in a group, though there aren’t any direct benefits to grouping heroes unless there’s a Gen0 in the group. Additional raffle tickets will be given for wallets where either 2 heroes die or 2 heroes survive. You can appoint one of your Gen0 Heroes to captain a party of 5 additional Heroes. Each additional Hero will receive a +3% survival chance when grouped with a Gen0. Gen0 Heroes have a 100% chance of survival but will receive reduced rewards.

At the end of the registration period, the Perilous Journey will begin and Heroes will start their long journey across the sea to search for exotic and unknown lands. The Journey will run from March 7th to March 16th 2pm EST, at which point you can check the fate of your Heroes. Some will live, some will die, but their sacrifices will not be forgotten!

The following additional items are now available in BETA and production.


  • We have overhauled the music system to provide our musical maestro Pogo with more creative control and soothing fades between zones. In addition, check out the wonderful new Tavern track.
  • You may notice the animals around Serendale have gotten a little more vocal lately. Some of them might even have something important to say.
  • To go along with our new audio adventures, we have broken out the sound effects volume and mute options from the music volume and mute options, so you can listen to one or the other or both (this is the correct way) at whatever volume you choose.
  • If you walk into the tavern nowadays, you might notice that it’s gotten a lot more crowded. If you visit often enough, you might even see a Hero that you recognize!
  • There are a few small Easter eggs added here and there with some nice, juicy lore.


  • Mobile and desktop styling cleanup
  • Misc. additional bugs eradicated indiscriminately

Keep being you and keep being awesome! And as always, godspeed and good questing.

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A game, a DEX, a liquidity pool opportunity, a market of rare utility driven NFTs in the incredibly nostalgic form of fantasy pixel art.