Meet Our BARDs: Videos, Articles & More

Building a community is the primary driving force behind the success of DeFi Kingdoms. We are lucky to have so many community members that have gone above and beyond to support the project!

BARDs are our Brand Ambassadors Representing DeFi Kingdoms. There are currently four types of BARDs in DeFi Kingdoms:


Fire BARDs specialize in creating media content, including gameplay videos, podcasts, streams and more.


Ice BARDs are helpful community figures and influencers that help spread awareness about DeFi Kingdoms on different platforms.

Light BARD

Light BARDs write informative articles and reports, making sure that playing DeFi Kingdoms is an easy and fun experience.

Shadow BARD

Shadow BARDs showcase their talents by paintings, animations and other artwork for DeFi Kingdoms.

Please note: This article was written on December 20, 2021. Any extra Bards that join us afterward are not included in this list.

The High Indian

The High Indian is a Jack of all trades! He covers a wide range of topics, including sports, politics, current news, music, pop culture and much more.

The High Indian creates consistently amazing videos about DeFi Kingdoms and other cryptocurrency projects. He also helps out with occasional DeFi Kingdoms streams and events.

Crypto With Tosh

Crypto With Tosh is an avid fan of what cryptocurrency can do to change lives, bring power to the people and unlock freedom. He preaches and embraces the ‘degen’ life.

Crypto With Tosh focuses on up and coming news for DeFi Kingdoms, as well as other projects across the Harmony network, NFT, gaming, and metaverse ecosystems.

Climb Crypto

Climb Crypto has been in the cryptocurrency world since 2015. After following random projects, influencers, Youtubers and ideas, one thing became very clear: The odds of finding the “million dollar” coin is low.

True success in crypto comes with patience, discipline, and courage. Climb is generally found making videos, trading and gaming! He believes in the free flow of ideas and is excited to see what DeFi Kingdoms has in store.

Digital Slowmad

Digital Slowmad is a full-time traveller who specializes in digital investments. He spends his time looking for asymmetric opportunities and building multiple sources of decentralized income.

He sees particular opportunity in the crypto space, and especially in DeFi Kingdoms.

Avalon World Gaming

Avalon World Gaming is a community of gamers focused on Play to Earn (P2E) games. They play to win, and play to earn! Starting scholarships in multiple Play to Earn games and building communities in mainstream games, Avalon World Gaming helps keep users up to date on recent developments.

Drake on Digital

Drake on Digital teaches users about the up and coming trends, and how to stay ahead of the game. On his YouTube channel, he shares his secrets and personal experiences about financial freedom and digital assets.


LUCIAN is an innovator from Japan who joined DeFi Kingdoms early back in August. Believing that DeFi Kingdoms is different from all other GameFi projects out there, LUCIAN has been an invaluable member in the DeFi Kingdoms Japanese community and has been posting on Twitter regularly for us ever since.


HITOZUMA is another valued member of the DeFi Kingdoms Japanese community. With over 6,700 followers, HITOZUMA is part of the Otaku Guild and hosts regular giveaways on Twitter.


Chii is a huge DeFi and cryptocurrency enthusiast! Chii translates and creates neatly organized Japanese content for DeFi Kingdoms (AMAs, informative guides, etc.), which can all be viewed here.


Jess is an iconic figure in the Harmony community that hosts regular Twitter spaces where everyone is welcome to join, chime in with their thoughts and engage in discussion. Jess also runs a Harmony validator where you can delegate your ONE tokens!


Hikaru not only talks about stocks and cryptocurrencies, but also helps translate DeFi Kingdoms content for the Japanese community.


Sarah is the creator of DFKWiki and fellow DeFi Kingdoms diehard. As a super passionate fan of what DeFi Kingdoms has come to accomplish, Sarah has been continuously committed to supporting our growth.

Sarah not only runs DFKWiki, but also a small community for developers in the DeFi Kingdoms ecosystem. This has proven to be especially useful for those interested in taking part in our new Grants & Bounty Program we recently released!


Freya is not only the founder of Freyala, but she also specializes in content creation and is a passionate writer at heart. She threw herself head first into the world of crypto earlier this year, and does not regret a single thing.

She also proudly speaks five different languages! Freya works closely with DeFi Kingdoms to create informative guides on the official DeFi Kingdoms Medium page.


Samichpunch is a corporate attorney that has been in crypto since 2017. Joining us from the very start on Day 1, Samichpunch specializes in writing content about DeFi Kingdoms. He first started by writing ‘Whale Watch’, token analytics reports and write-ups of our AMAs.

Samichpunch has compiled ‘the Lost Annals of Gaia’ and has many other helpful articles to help guide you on journey in DeFi Kingdoms. He is a gamer and love to theory craft and just generally strategize.

Mr Zipper

Mr Zipper is is a researcher, writer and educator… and also an amateur programmer and DeFi Kingdoms enthusiast! Once dubbed the DFK “Discord Librarian,” he is a repository of obscure information, developer screenshots, and details about game mechanics.

MrZipper is the author of The Hero’s Hold, a weekly DFK newsletter focused on hero analytics and game mechanics, and can be found hanging out in the DFK Discord.


Hans HODL is the Head of Quant Strategy at Ikigai Fund. He first got excited about Bitcoin and Ethereum back in 2015, and the direction of his career and life had completely changed.

For the first time since 2015, he began to feel that same enthusiasm and energy again surrounding our project, DeFi Kingdoms. Spending the last six years in the field of crypto, Hans HODL writes extremely in-depth Medium articles from a technical standpoint.





A game, a DEX, a liquidity pool opportunity, a market of rare utility driven NFTs in the incredibly nostalgic form of fantasy pixel art.

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DeFi Kingdoms

DeFi Kingdoms

A game, a DEX, a liquidity pool opportunity, a market of rare utility driven NFTs in the incredibly nostalgic form of fantasy pixel art.