Halloween Spooktacular 2023 Events

Limited time Equipment and new Hero skin colors!

DeFi Kingdoms
3 min readOct 25, 2023

Greetings, brave adventurers of DeFi Kingdoms!

It’s that spine-tingling time of year again when the spirits of the Undertree beckon, and the night is bathed in an eerie glow. As the leaves fall and the wind howls, DeFi Kingdoms is thrilled to announce the most hauntingly exciting event of the year: the DeFi Kingdoms Halloween Spooktacular, running from October 25th at 5:00pm EDT to November 1st at 5pm EDT!

Dark Summoning for Hero Skin Colors

A fell breeze has begun to blow around the Dark Portal, as the Void’s connection to the location has reached a crescendo. Heroes summoned from the depths have occasionally emerged as if touched by that influence. They seem to be no worse off for wear, though their plague- and void-touched skin raise plenty of questions about the soundness of their minds…

For a limited time, unleash the power of the shadows and summon Heroes with new, eerie skin colors through Dark Summoning. Featuring Plague-Touched Green and Void-Touched Blue, this exclusive opportunity to create new appearances will be available only during the Halloween Spectacular. Make your Dark Summoned Heroes the stuff of legends and nightmares!

Once acquired, these skin colors will be part of the Heroes’ genetics, meaning they can be passed on to future summons through both standard Summoning and Dark Summoning. However, given that no Gen0 Heroes will have them, they will remain limited! Dark Summoning during the Halloween Spectacular will have a 50% chance to result in one of these two ghastly colors, regardless of existing genes.

Void Hunt: Mad Boar Pumpkin Heads

The madness doesn’t end with Dark Summoning. During the Halloween Spooktacular, slay the Mad Boars and have a chance to be handsomely rewarded with the equipable “Gored Gourd” Pumpkin Head accessory! These unique items are the perfect way to show off your Halloween spirit and stand out in the realm. Each victorious battle against the Boars will have a 50% chance to award a Pumpkin Head, a unique accessory with 2 Enchantment Slots!

Halloween Decorations

Even our Boars want to participate in the festivities, so keep an eye out for their costumes!

Join the Halloween Fun!

The DeFi Kingdoms Halloween Spooktacular promises to be a unique and thrilling experience. Don your spookiest gear, rally your troops, and prepare for a Halloween adventure like no other. The Halloween Spooktacular awaits, and the thrill of the unknown beckons you!



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