Gold Mining Quests: Earn Gold, Yellow Eggs And More

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3 min readDec 30, 2021


Mining Quests are quite special compared to other Profession Quests. For instance, there are two types of Mining Quests: Gold Mining Quests and JEWEL Mining Quests.

However, Gold Mining Quests is the only type currently available and is accessible on Beta. JEWEL Mining Quests will be released next week after proper testing.

Stamina is spent at a rate of 1 per 12 minutes for most Heroes (similar to how Gardening Quests function). However, Heroes with the Mining profession are able to reduce that rate to 1 Stamina per 10 minutes. This means that the minimum amount of Stamina required to perform a Mining Quest is 1.

Interact with Quarrysmith Gren to start a Gold Mining Quest. The required Hero stats are Strength (STR) and Endurance (END).

Start a Gold Mining Quest by clicking ‘Start Gold mining’.

Gold Mining Quests can be performed by 1 Hero (minimum) to 6 Heroes (maximum). Once you send Heroes on a Mining Quest, you are not able to add or remove any Heroes for Mining.

You can queue Heroes for Mining Quests as well. Queued Heroes will begin their Mining Quests as soon as the Stamina of a currently questing Heroes has been expended.

Please note: A group of Heroes will all stop mining as soon as a single Hero’s Stamina reaches zero.

The amount of Gold generated by a Miner is not only based on the Hero’s Strength (STR) and Endurance (Endurance) stats, but also their Mining score and whether they have the Mining Profession gene.

These variables also affect the item drops for Mining Quests, which consist of Gaia’s Tears, Shvās runes, and Yellow Eggs.

Please note: Each Hero calculates rewards separately, even when you use multiple heroes in a single Mining Quest simultaneously.

Selecting 1 to 6 Heroes for a Gold Mining Quest.

When selecting your Hero (or Heroes) for a Mining Quest, you will be able to see the total reward blocks and time until stamina depletion.

Heroes with the Mining Profession gene also have a 20% increase on their returns per tic, which is the amount of time taken for one Stamina to be spent by your Hero.

For every twelve minutes spent, Gold Mining Quests yield gold, a chance to increase the Hero’s Mining skill, and experience toward the Hero’s next level. Heroes can sometimes find special items while Mining. Heroes with higher Mining, Strength, and Endurance scores tend to be more successful on Mining Quests, and Heroes who have Mining as their main profession earn their rewards every ten minutes, allowing them to mine more quickly.

The main Quest window displays the amount of Stamina that each Hero will expend per twelve minutes (or ten minutes, with Mining skill) on this Quest. Any time spent after the Hero’s Stamina is depleted yields no rewards or experience, and you may choose to end the quest at any time to collect any rewards earned up to that point. The likelihood of an increase to a Hero’s Mining profession skill will reduce the more the hero’s profession skill level exceeds the quest level.



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