Gardening Quests: Earn More JEWEL Rewards And Items

Gardening Quests work much differently than Foraging or Fishing Quests. Rather than requiring a set time to complete, Gardening provides a reward per each stamina spent performing the Quest.

Stamina is spent at a rate of 1 per 12 minutes for most Heroes. However, Heroes with the Gardening profession are able to reduce that rate to 1 Stamina per 10 minutes. This means that the minimum amount of Stamina required to perform a Gardening Quest is 1 (given that your Hero has the Gardening profession).

“Tic” represents the amount of time taken for one Stamina to be spent by your Hero. You can also stop a Gardening Quest early to receive rewards for the time you put in, assuming at least one tic worth of time was spent. It is worth noting that the Gardening Quest does provide more rewards for more stamina spent.

Interact with Druid Lam to start a Gardening Quest. The required Hero stats are Wisdom (WIS) and Vitality (VIT).

Start a Gardening Quest by clicking ‘Start Quest’.

Only one Hero is allowed to perform a Gardening Quest in a specific Garden (incentivized pool) at a time. You do not need to have liquidity pool (LP) tokens in the Garden to be able to perform a Gardening Quest there. However, you will not receive any JEWEL rewards if you do not have some amount of LP in that Garden.

Please note: You can send multiple Heroes on different Gardening Quests (e.g. a Hero for JEWEL<>XYA, and a Hero for JEWEL<>BUSD).

You are also able to queue your Heroes for one Garden. Once a Hero expends all their Stamina by gardening, the next queued Hero can begin their Gardening Quest.

As of writing this post, Gardening Quests are available in Beta.

User interface when a Hero has begun their Gardening Quest in a Garden.

When your Hero starts their Gardening Quest, you will be able to see the remaining + elapsed time gardening, reward blocks completed and Stamina remaining.

Once with the state of your character and the game at the moment you started the quest, and again at the moment you completed it. You will receive the lesser amount between those two rates.

Items retrieved after performing a Gardening Request.

The rewards come from the quest pool. They are not tied to the emission rate of the gardens in any way. This means that even after all JEWEL has been minted, there will continue to be a profitable reason to provide liquidity to the DEX.

Along with receiving JEWEL rewards, it is also possible to receive three different plant items which are all used in to make potions. You can additionally retrieve tears, runes and Green Pet Eggs as rewards.

Rewards Formula

The JEWEL tokens earned from Gardening Quests are unlocked. As a Garden’s Quest pool grows, everyone’s rewards will increase. On the other hand, if that pool shrinks, then the rewards will decrease as well.

Like Fishing and Foraging Quests, your chances of receiving tears and runes are increased if you have the Gardening Profession gene.

Below is the formula for how much you can earn per tic:

earnRate = launchBonus * (rewardPool * poolAllocation * LPowned *(0.1 + (WIS + VIT) / 1222.22 + (GrdSkl) / 244.44)) / (43,200 — (7200 * geneBonus))


The balance of the Quest pool wallet.


The percent of allocation a specific Garden has (the allocation for JEWEL distribution).


The percent of the liquidity pool that the player owns in the selected Garden.


A Hero’s Gardening skill (only counts integer value). For example, 1.9 GrdSkl will have same result as 1.0 GrdSkl.


Provides a 20% bonus to JEWEL returns, increases the chances of finding tears and runes, and decreases the amount of time per tick from 12 minutes to 10 minutes. These bonuses are only present if the Hero has the Gardening gene. If they have the gene, geneBonus = 1. If not, geneBonus = 0.


A special multiplier applied at launch that will start at 5, decreasing by 0.5 every two weeks until the value is 1.

Please note: To prevent people from trying to abuse the system, the Gardening Quest will calculate earnRate twice.

Item Rewards

For every twelve minutes spent, Gardening Quests yield JEWEL, a chance to increase the Hero’s Gardening skill, and experience toward the Hero’s next level. JEWEL rewards from Gardening are based on a number of factors including how many seeds you have planted in the garden, the garden’s JEWEL emissions rate, your Hero’s relevant stats, and the total available rewards for Gardening. The relevant stats are: Gardening profession skill level, the Gardening gene, Wisdom, and Vitality. Heroes who have Gardening as their main profession unlock their rewards every ten minutes, allowing them to harvest more quickly. Heroes can sometimes find plants or special items while Gardening.

The main Quest window displays the amount of Stamina that your Hero will expend per twelve minutes (or ten minutes, with Gardening skill) on this Quest. Any time spent after the Hero’s Stamina is depleted yields no rewards or experience, and you may choose to end the quest at any time to collect rewards earned up to that point. Only one Hero may work in each of your Garden pools at a time. The likelihood of an increase to a Hero’s Gardening profession skill will reduce the more the hero’s profession skill level exceeds the quest level.

Jewel Bag

You find yourself subconsciously shaking this bag, just to hear the jingle and jangle.


Might look like poison, but it can actually save you from it.


Beautiful leaves. Why does blue always remind you of mana?


Pure white, like its namesake. Feeder of butterflies and provider of magic resistance.

Green Pet Egg

If you put your ear against it, you can hear a soft noise.


We have also added the ‘Alchemist’ location to our map in Beta.

The new ‘Alchemist’ location, found next to the Bank.

Inside, you will see Herbert (the Alchemist) but you are not able to currently interact with him.

A slab of Bloat fish, a dash of Ragweed…wait, no. That’s not right. How’s that one go again?

Herbert the Alchemist is carefully preparing his potion recipes.

Herbert will later provide you with potion recipes, which you can craft from the items retrieved in Quests.




A game, a DEX, a liquidity pool opportunity, a market of rare utility driven NFTs in the incredibly nostalgic form of fantasy pixel art.

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DeFi Kingdoms

A game, a DEX, a liquidity pool opportunity, a market of rare utility driven NFTs in the incredibly nostalgic form of fantasy pixel art.

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