Foraging and Fishing Quests: What You Need to Know

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5 min readDec 2, 2021


We all should be familiar with the Wishing Well, where you can send your Heroes to earn XP and Gaia’s Tears. This was the very first Quest (Lite) that we introduced to DeFi Kingdoms.

But what if you could earn a whole new set of items?

Well, it’s time to introduce you to our new Foraging and Fishing Quests. These are currently accessible in Beta only.

The ‘Professions’ location with two available Quests currently: Foraging and Fishing.

In order to participate in a Quest, you will need a Hero. You can choose from a large selection of Heroes to purchase in the Tavern.

Please note: You cannot rent a Hero to complete Quests.

Start either a Foraging or Fishing Quest by clicking ‘Start Quest’.

Clicking on either ‘Forager’ or ‘Fisher’ will open up a window (see above), and you can then press begin a Quest.

The standard Stamina cost per attempt is 7 Stamina. However, Heroes with the appropriate Profession gene will only expend 5 Stamina per attempt. This means that a Hero with the same Profession Gene will be able to perform a maximum of 5 attempts (deducting 25 Stamina in total).

The base duration for a Quest attempt is 20 seconds. You can send up to 6 Heroes at once on a Quest, with the time also increasing per Hero added.

Just click ‘Begin Quest’ once you have selected your Heroes. Ongoing Quests can then be found under the ‘Active Quests’ section.

Once the countdown is over, just press ‘Complete Quest’ to receive the XP and items earned.

Please note: Stamina will only be depleted after completing a Quest.

After completing a Quest, you will see an overview of the XP and items gained.

Each Hero will earn a base amount of 15 XP. Any items retrieved by individual Heroes are also then added to your Inventory. Luck (LCK) also plays a factor in finding rarer items.

We will later implement several higher level Quests. The chances to increase the Profession skill of your Heroes will decrease if they surpass the recommended level.


Under your user profile, you can now view your Gold balance and Inventory, along with your JEWEL balance. Clicking on ‘Inventory’ will open up the user interface below:

Inventory user interface where you can view your items and Gold.

Resources can later be sold to Merchant Zada (found in the Marketplace) for some amount of Gold, and vice versa. Items earned from Profession Quests that are sold to Merchant Zada will be burned.

More features will be gradually released in the coming updates. Each item retrieved from Foraging and Fishing Quests will have its own utility, with most being usable in potion recipes.

General Rewards

The two items below can be earned from any Profession Quest. You can also get Gaia’s Tears from the Wishing Well Quest.

Shvas Rune

This rune pulses with power. Watching it, you begin to breathe in its rhythm…

Gaia’s Tears

A crystal that, when attuned properly, can summon heroes from faraway lands.


Foraging Quests may yield a variety of rewards including various plants, special items, experience toward the Foraging skill, and experience toward your Hero’s next level. Heroes with higher Foraging, Dexterity, and Intelligence scores tend to be more successful on Foraging Quests, and Heroes who have Foraging as their main skill expend a reduced amount of Stamina to complete the Quest.

Interact with Woodsman Aurum to start a Foraging Quest. The required Hero stats are Dexterity (DEX) and Intelligence (INT).


A lousy allergen and irritant. Highly invasive. Sells for a bounty.


A popular decoration, there’s a reasonable market demand for these.


Brings a whole new level to variegated leaves. Quite valuable.


Linked to healing. Its ability to grow in such inhospitable conditions is remarkable.


It bends but it doesn’t break. Doesn’t taste great, though.


The purple flowers are known to enhance speed when used correctly, hence the name.


A root, always found in dark places, that can deliver others from darkness.

Grey Pet Egg

An egg that reminds you of the forest.


Fishing Quests may yield a variety of rewards including various fish, special items, experience toward the Fishing skill, and experience toward your Hero’s next level. Heroes with higher Fishing, Agility, and Luck scores tend to be more successful on Fishing Quests, and Heroes who have Fishing as their main skill expend a reduced amount of Stamina to complete the Quest.

Interact with Fisher Tom to start a Foraging Quest. The required Hero stats are Agility (AGI) and Luck (LCK).


This plump fish sells for its weight in gold…but it’s mostly hot air.


Fetches a decent price in gold. A staple in Adelyn fish chowder.


High market price. Prized for its meat. Pan-sear and flavor with cinnamon.


The Knight of the Lake. Its scales are as hard as armor.


Known to have a connection to magic. Don’t go toward the light…


Its dorsal fin resembles a sail, and it’s an incredibly fast swimmer.


The iridescent beauty of its scales hints at great power.

Blue Pet Egg

An aquatic-looking egg.



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