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Stake JEWEL and receive in-game bonuses!

Today, we are excited to introduce additional utility to our governance tokens, cJEWEL and sJEWEL, with the release of Power-Ups! Players can now receive in-game enhancements and rewards by allocating a portion of their holdings toward activating various Power-Ups.

These initial Power-Ups are available in both Crystalvale and Serendale, though some future releases may be realm-specific.

Read on to find out more!

Durnan Gearspinner is ready to help you unlock the secrets of JEWEL!

What are Power-Ups?

Power-Ups are a collection of in-game enhancements that are available to players that hold enough cJEWEL or sJEWEL (hereafter, cJEWEL for simplicity). Each Power-Up has a specific cJEWEL amount that must be allocated to it in order to activate its benefits. Some premium features will also require Power-Up allocations prior to access. Power-Ups do not consume cJEWEL nor the JEWEL used to produce the cJEWEL, but will only remain active if you continue to hold the necessary balance required to activate them.

Power-Up Types

There are three primary Power-Up types:

  • Type 1 Power-Ups: The simplest type, providing a single tier of benefits that is activated by allocating the required amount of cJEWEL.
  • Type 2 Power-Ups: These present the player with multiple tier options with varying cJEWEL allocation requirements for each tier.
  • Type 3 Power-Ups: These provide a variable number of charges based on the number of Heroes a player owns, at a fixed cJEWEL allocation for every charge. Each charge contains multiple Hero slots, allowing the player to assign their Heroes up to the maximum charges and total allotted Hero slots.

Power-Up Requirements

Each Power-Up has a Minimum Lock Time associated with it. In order to activate the Power-Up, players must always have a cJEWEL lock time higher than the minimum lock time. If the player’s cJEWEL lock time drops below this minimum, the Power-Up will be cancelled.

Players must also maintain an amount of cJEWEL equal to the amount they have allocated to Power-Ups. Calling the Emergency Withdraw function will cancel all Power-Ups.

Cancelling Power-Ups

When a Power-Up is cancelled, the cJEWEL allocated to it will not be immediately available for use elsewhere. Instead, each Power-Up has a Cancellation Hold Time that indicates how long after cancelling the Power-Up the cJEWEL will be available again for use elsewhere.

A Hero Slot Hold Time of the same duration as the Cancellation Hold Time also goes into effect when removing Heroes from a Type 3 Power-Up. Players must wait this amount of time before re-assigning those slots to other Heroes.

Available Power-Ups

Today, we are launching two Power-Ups, both of which are Type 3: Quick Study and Rapid Renewal.

Quick Study

  • Description: Grants a 15% bonus to experience gained from questing to each assigned Hero.
  • Cost: 30 cJEWEL per 6 Heroes
  • Minimum Lock Time: 7 days / Cancellation Hold Time: 1 day

Rapid Renewal

  • Description: Reduces the stamina recharge rate of assigned Heroes by an additional 3 seconds per Hero level.
  • Cost: 20 cJEWEL per 6 Heroes
  • Minimum Lock Time: 7 days / Cancellation Hold Time: 1 day

Activating a Power-Up

To activate a Power-Up, visit the Jeweler in either realm. If you have not yet staked any JEWEL for c/sJEWEL, or do not have enough, you will need to do so first. You can learn more about staking and the benefits of c/sJEWEL in the game docs.

Make sure that your JEWEL lock-up time is greater than the Minimum Lock Time of the Power-Up you wish to subscribe to. If it drops below this minimum, the Power-Up will be automatically cancelled. Calling the Emergency Withdraw function will also cancel all Power-Ups.

Click on the Power-Up NPC at the Jeweler and select “Manage Power-Ups.” This will bring up a list of all available Power-Ups in the game. Choose one that you would like to activate, and select “Manage Power-Up.”

The next screen will show details about the Power-Up, and allow you to choose how many charges you would like to subscribe to. Each charge allows you to apply these initial Power-Ups to 6 Heroes.

Subscribing to a Power-Up

Once you have made your selection, click “Activate Power-Up” and sign the transaction.

Assigning Heroes

Now that you’re subscribed to a Power-Up, you’ll need to choose which of your Heroes you’d like to apply it to. If you’ve subscribed to enough charges to encompass your entire Hero roster, that decision is easy! If not, you’ll need to make careful selections.

Back at the Power-Up NPC, click the green “Assign Heroes” button to bring up the Hero Hub and make your selections. You can assign up to 30 Heroes per transaction on Crystalvale and 25 on Serendale. Use the Quick Select button to automatically select the maximum number of Heroes available.

Assigning Heroes to a Power-Up

Note: Heroes that are already questing or listed for sale in the Tavern cannot be assigned to Power-Ups.

Click “Assign Power-Up” and sign the transaction. Repeat as many times as necessary. Now when you go to start a quest, your Heroes will show a Power-Up JEWEL icon on the selection screen.

Unassigning Heroes

If you wish to change a Power-Up’s Hero assignments, select the “Remove Heroes” button on the Power-Up window and make your selections. Any Heroes that you have transferred to other wallets will appear with a “Transferred” tag.

Note: Heroes that have left your wallet via transfer, sale, or bridge must be manually cancelled in this way.

Removing Heroes from a Power-Up

As you confirm the cancellation, a warning will let you know about the Hero Slot Hold Time — how long you must wait until you can re-allocate those slots to other Heroes. This Hold Time is the same duration as the Power-Up’s Cancellation Hold Time.

The information on the Power-Up window will be updated to reflect any Hero Hold Slots that are currently active. Be aware that if you cancel additional Heroes while a hold is ongoing, the timer will reset.

Cancelling a Power-Up

In order to cancel a Power-Up entirely and reclaim your c/sJEWEL balance, you will first need to cancel all of the Heroes that are allocated to it, as described above.

Then, click on “Manage Power-Up”, scroll to the bottom, and select “Cancel Power-Up”.

Cancelling a Power-Up

As with Heroes, a warning will appear letting you know about the Cancellation Hold Time. This is the duration that your allocated c/sJEWEL balance will be unavailable for use with other Power-Ups and also how long until you can re-subscribe to the same Power-Up. Confirm the cancellation and sign the transaction.

The Power-Up window will update to reflect this cancellation, your available c/sJEWEL balance, and the remaining Hold Time. Once the Hold Time is finished, you will then be prompted to release the allocation so it can be used again for other Power-Ups.

Release your allocated c/sJEWEL to use it for other Power-Ups

We are so excited to release these initial Power-Ups, and more importantly, the Power-Up framework that will be used in many different ways in the coming weeks and months. The possibilities are endless and this is only the beginning!



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