Defi Kingdoms: Weekly Newsletter #8

DeFi Kingdoms
2 min readDec 22, 2021


Every week brings more exciting news to the community. The biggest announcement this week is that Defi Kingdoms was approved for a $1MM grant from the Harmony Foundation. This partnership will enhance the overall experience on the Harmony Network as well as Defi Kingdoms. We are so excited to bring opportunities and impactful experiences to this amazing community!

If you’d like more details on how this grant will be used, you can read the proposal here:

We continue to blow through all our milestones and that is thanks to all of you in this great community.

To see some examples of just how great this community is, check out this recent post with all the helpful Defi Kingdoms resources this community has created:

If you didn’t see it in the Town Crier last week, special thanks to all our BARDS for getting the word out about Defi Kingdoms, and in particular to Samichpunch and HtotheIzzoBLT for their contributions to the Yahoo Finance article linked below. We love to see news about this project spreading!

Don’t forget that the DFK team hosts a weekly AMA on Mondays from 2–3pm EST. If you miss the AMA, they are always posted after the fact on our Youtube channel. This week’s AMA featured our DEV and Biz Dev teams.

Remember, as always, the best way to keep up to date on future DeFi Kingdoms announcements and events is via the DFK social channels.

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