DeFi Kingdoms: Weekly Newsletter #1

DeFi Kingdoms
3 min readOct 6, 2021


This week has certainly been one to remember! From launching our Gen 0 Hero NFTs to various partnerships, we are definitely proud of our team here at DeFi Kingdoms.

Starting from this week onwards, we will be posting weekly newsletters that summarize important milestones, events and partnerships throughout the week.

Table of Contents

Launching DeFi Kingdoms Chinese & Dutch

DeFi Kingdoms is proud to have such a diverse community. As we continue to grow, we have decided to focus on addressing different audiences with content creation and social media presence.

We are excited to announce the creation of two official DeFi Kingdoms accounts for Chinese and Dutch communities to begin with!

DeFi Kingdoms 中文: Twitter and Medium

DeFi Kingdoms Nederlands: Twitter and Medium

Discord Community Surpasses 5,000 Members

We would not be where we are today without our community, and we officially passed the 5,000 members mark on September 26, 2021. To celebrate this milestone, DeFi Kingdoms hosted a giveaway on Twitter and rewarded 200 JEWEL to 10 winners on September 28th.

If you are not already in the Discord, we highly recommend joining to stay updated on latest news, ask questions and chat with the community!

SuperBid Partnership is a social auction app that connects fans, investors and mainstream personalities with authentic experiences; this allows users from a variety of backgrounds to interact on a single platform.

DeFi Kingdoms is partnering up with SuperBid to introduce this platform to the Harmony community. You can bridge over the ERC-20 $SUPERBID token using the Harmony Bridge.

Improving Security & Multisig

Treasury Multisig Signers

Dev treasury funds are being transferred to this new multi-sig wallet, which can be found here.

Frisky Fox: 0x17D717EB3DD20a202dce9e8e396A444db1Af1D28

Sinstar Necro: 0xA76Ea4f96136AF0fF23e7CC426Bfc21E451ff9f5

Jericho: 0x2b45C2dF1E982E596137d49A02afC02B9fb8B8dB

Tango: 0x03B5c81d9759eb3ca12b2201891e61EE4bDfBB7A

New Multisig Signers

This new multisig wallet changing how the previous Founders multisig was set up. Any changes to the MasterGardener contract now requires approval from all the signers, which includes both external parties and members of the core DeFi Kingdoms team.

Frisky Fox (DeFi Kingdoms): 0x17D717EB3DD20a202dce9e8e396A444db1Af1D28

Sinstar Necro (DeFi Kingdoms): 0xA76Ea4f96136AF0fF23e7CC426Bfc21E451ff9f5

Professor Tango (DeFi Kingdoms): 0x03B5c81d9759eb3ca12b2201891e61EE4bDfBB7A

OgreAbroad (HarmonyHub): 0xFE6F41Ef98fBa9CD1d0e7F9A7D5806937451726

Tailchakra (Freyala): 0x2a23Ee4D575499ec9AC58dCfD3960C5D3f1F0d3B

Harmoonies Giveaway & Event

Harmoonies are 10,000 cute and unique generative NFTs on Harmony. 25% of all the funds raised are added to a charity wallet, and the community will be able to vote on which organizations and causes to donate to.

The ‘Share Your Favorite Harmoonie’ event took place on September 29th in the DeFi Kingdoms Discord. We also worked together to sponsor prizes in JEWEL for a ‘Where’s Waldo’ event in the Harmoonies Discord.

Introducing Community Voting For Pools

More pools is something that both we and the community have been wanting to implement. We have worked on streamlining.

Each token that wants to apply for a pool will have to go through a strict process, answering questions and providing sufficient information. After a thorough report is produced about the token, the community will then be able to vote for whether or not the proposal will pass.

Launching Our Gen 0 Hero NFTs

Saving the best for last! Our long-awaited Gen 0 Hero NFTs were released on September 30th at 8 PM EST with a total supply of 2,000 Heroes.

Heroes each have their own stats and can be assigned to quests, which will earn them experience and precious resources. Heroes are also usable for yield farming to earn JEWEL tokens.

You can purchase Heroes at the Tavern. For minting, the price of a Gen 0 Hero started at 1000 JEWEL, increasing by 0.5 JEWEL for every Hero purchased.



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