Breaking Down Gen 0 Hero NFTs: Gameplay, Stats and More.

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11 minutes.

That’s how long it took to completely sell out as the long-awaited Gen 0 Heroes made their debut on DeFi Kingdoms. We know the community has been waiting for this in anticipation, and we could not be more excited to showcase what we have been working on!

How do Heroes work? What exactly can I do with them?

Look no further! This article will answer your burning questions, so let’s dive straight in.

Table of Contents

The Basics

Heroes play such an important role in DeFi Kingdoms. From granting you early access to locked JEWEL tokens to collecting items from quests, there is a lot that Heroes bring to the table.

Example Gen 0 Hero with the ‘Thief’ class.

We have just launched our Gen 0 Heroes, with a total of 2000 Gen 0 Heroes available for minting. Each Hero is assigned a class and its own unique stats.

Heroes have randomized appearance attributes including skin tone, backgrounds, hairstyles and more. Your Hero is also given an element, but these will have utility later:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Wind
  • Lightning
  • Ice
  • Light
  • Dark

You will soon be able to purchase and sell Heroes in the Tavern. Gen 1 Heroes (not purchasable via an NFT sale) can also later be summoned by players that have two Gen 0 Heroes.

Contract Addresses

Hero: 0x5F753dcDf9b1AD9AabC1346614D1f4746fd6Ce5C

Gaia’s Tears: 0x24eA0D436d3c2602fbfEfBe6a16bBc304C963D04

By clicking on your avatar in-game, you can view all of your Heroes and their stats in ‘My Heroes’.

Information About Sales

The starting price of Heroes begins at 1000 JEWEL each, with the price increasing by 0.5 JEWEL for every Hero purchased.

JEWEL distribution (from sales)

  • 1%: Burned
  • 10%: Bank (rewards xJEWEL holders)
  • 30%: Quest Rewards Fund
  • 25%: Development Fund
  • 17%: Marketing Fund
  • 17%: Founders Fund

Summoning Your Hero (Coming Soon)

To summon a Hero, visit the Arch Druid with 2 Heroes and an infused summoning crystal. You can infuse a crystal by merging it with Gaia’s Tears and JEWEL tokens.

Summoning a Hero.

The cost of infusion increases by 2 JEWEL per summon. The cooldown period also extends by 4 hours after each summon, and all newly summoned heroes are not able to summon until 24 hours (except Gen 0 Heroes). Lower generation Heroes also have cheaper summoning starting costs.

If you aren’t able to get your hands on a Gen 0 Hero, you can still rent Heroes from other players to use for summoning! We have released some more extensive documentation about the summoning process with different Hero generations here:

Heroes only have a limited number of summons. After reaching its maximum limit, that Hero is no longer usable for summoning.

Stats & Levels

Heroes each have their own starting stats, determined by their class, bonus genes, rarity and other bonuses (during the summoning process).

On top of Hit Points (HP), Mana Points (MP) and Stamina, Heroes will have primary and secondary stat growth parameters. These parameters help determine the chances of successfully upgrading each stat.

  • Strength (STR)
  • Intelligence (INT)
  • Wisdom (WIS)
  • Luck (LCK)
  • Agility (AGI)
  • Vitality (VIT)
  • Endurance (END)
  • Dexterity (DEX)

Primary and secondary stat values are based on the Hero’s class. For example, a Knight only has 70 STR as its primary stat value, while a Wizard only has 30 STR. You can permanently increase these percentages by having higher-level heroes and spending extra Gaia’s Tears when summoning.

By leveling up your Hero, the game will roll to see if each of your stats can increase (using both primary and secondary growth parameters). If the roll is within the percentage for a given stat, it increases by +1.

  • 1st roll: Primary stat growth percentage (based on Hero’s class)
  • 2nd roll: Secondary stat growth percentage (based on Hero’s subclass)

Each stat will be rolled for and receives +1 to its value if successful. You can use attunement crystals to increase the success rate of raising certain stats.

Green stats are a Hero’s stat genes.

You may have noticed that some stats are in green! This is because each Hero can have a maximum of 2 stat genes.

  1. Immediate one-time bonus to the respective base stat.
  2. Bonus for the stat’s primary and secondary growth percentages.

Note: If you see a purple stat, this means that your Hero only has one stat gene with both bonuses applied to it.

Leveling up at the Meditation Circle.

When you are on the level-up screen, you get to choose one stat that will receive a bonus +1 if successfully rolled. You can also select two other stats to receive Gaia’s blessing, giving a flat 50% chance that each of the selected stats will increase by +1.

In short, a Hero could theoretically raise three stats by +3 points (for example, going from 7 AGI to 10 AGI) in a single level-up.

Only Heroes that have enough experience can level up and increase their stats. There is a focus rune for each set of 10 levels. To level your Hero up, you need to own the correct runes and JEWEL tokens (0.1 * current level).

Shvās rune (Level 1–10)

After reaching level 10, you will need an additional rune (Moksha) to level up your Hero. The cost of the Shvās rune decreases, whilst the cost of the Moksha rune increases.

Resources & Quests

There are two types of Quests that Heroes can partake in.

Profession Quests

Profession Quests are non-combat quests based on your Hero’s profession that earn you rewards and experience. Each profession has a certain skill and gene, which means that doing Profession Quests that match your Hero’s profession gene will give you more rewards.

Adventure Quests

Adventure Quests involve fighting with your Heroes and earning rewards based on your performance. These are still in development and will only be released later.


Heroes can do any Profession Quest they choose, and they have a Profession skill level for each profession (increases when doing said quest). A Hero’s Profession gene boosts rewards when doing that specific Profession Quest. However, this does not mean that you can only partake in that specific Profession Quests.

4 available Profession Zones: Miner, Gardener, Forager and Fisher.

Choosing a profession will be made possible shortly after completing ‘Phase 2: Heroes and Quests’ on our roadmap.

  • Mining (MIN)
  • Gardening (GRD)
  • Foraging (FOR)
  • Fishing (FSH)

Depending on which Profession Quest you assign your Hero to, you can collect a range of resources including gold, pet eggs and more.

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